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What is a laminated stand up pouch?

Laminated Stand Up PouchA reclosable laminated stand up pouch is a type of plastic bag that has a bottom gusset which allows it to stand up on the shelf. Think of all the food bags that stand up without any help in the grocery store, and you’ll get the idea. The bags are actually made up of multiple layers of different materials laminated together, each having a different property.

For instance, a bag that needs to stand up to extreme temperatures such as boil-in-the-bag packaging, would be made with several clear layers of nylon and poly coex films, whereas coffee or tea would require a bag with very low oxygen and moisture levels inside. In this case, a layer of foil is sandwiched between layers of poly film.

This differs from a standard polyethylene or polypropylene reclosable bag which is just one layer and generally gives the contents little if any protection.

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Retailers, Brand Your Bags

Custom Logo Printed bag for Scrapbooks or Scrapbooking
Scrapbook Project Bag

In spite of our desire to do away with bags entirely, retail shopping bags serve a valuable purpose and clever retailers should take notice. Not only do shopping bags convey goods, advertise and display art they also become reusable tote bags, souvenirs and gift bags. The trick is to choose the right bag for your customers so they don’t end up discarding the bag prematurely. A well thought-out carrier bag strategy can become a value-added feature that sets your store apart from the competition.

For instance, instead of using a plain grocery style plastic bag that ends up in a landfill or blowing in the wind shortly after purchase, a Scrapbook Retail store might use a custom printed AzureFile bag as a shopping bag for customers who purchase scrapbooking papers, stickers and other small items. The retailer’s store logo and information is printed on the bag and the customer reuses the bag as a scrapbook page-in-progress organizer. The customer is reminded everytime they use the value-added AzureFile storage bag with their scrapbooking.

Valentino Black Satin Drawstring Bag
Valentino Beauty Pure

Another idea is using a custom printed poly satin drawstring bag for packaging a product that normally would be sold in a plastic bag. The luxurious feeling of a satin bag immediately adds value to any product. One example of this type of packaging is Valentino’s Beauty Pure  which uses a gorgeous reusable satin drawstring storage bag for their innovative salon product, a nail salon air purifor.

If you would like advice on how to create your own innovative packaging idea for marketing your business, contact Martin Culverhouse at AzurePac. He can be reached at (480) 664-6087.  You may also use the AzurePac contact form.