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What is a laminated stand up pouch?

Laminated Stand Up PouchA reclosable laminated stand up pouch is a type of plastic bag that has a bottom gusset which allows it to stand up on the shelf. Think of all the food bags that stand up without any help in the grocery store, and you’ll get the idea. The bags are actually made up of multiple layers of different materials laminated together, each having a different property.

For instance, a bag that needs to stand up to extreme temperatures such as boil-in-the-bag packaging, would be made with several clear layers of nylon and poly coex films, whereas coffee or tea would require a bag with very low oxygen and moisture levels inside. In this case, a layer of foil is sandwiched between layers of poly film.

This differs from a standard polyethylene or polypropylene reclosable bag which is just one layer and generally gives the contents little if any protection.

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Why is there a valve in my coffee bag?

Coffee Bag Laminated Pouch with One Way Degassing Valve
Coffee Bag Laminated Pouch with One Way Degassing Valve

Have you ever wondered why fresh roasted coffee beans are packaged in a bag with a special valve? (It’s not so you can smell the coffee.) It is because after roasting, the coffee gives off carbon dioxide and without the “one-way valve”, your coffee bag could burst. The valve allows the built up gas to escape.